Blasting Room for RLAM- PETROBRAS. (Brasil)


Campinas Brasil (Octubre 2004) -Cym Materials has recently installed a modern blasting room for the RLAM oil refinery of Petrobras company in Bahia, Brazil. The equipment uses recyclable abrasives, reducing production costs. This not only helps to preserve the environment but also helps to provide comfort and protection for the workers.

The idea of installing a new cabin came up during Mr. Nivaldo Dos Santos Lopes (Maintenance Technician MI/SC) visit to a company in Saõ Paulo where he saw our equipment. Once he had returned to RLAM he informed the news to the Manager of the Health, Environmental and Safety Department who decided to invest in the project. “Taking this first step we anticipate to environmental legislation policies in Bahia, concerning blasting with abrasives. This is also the fulfillment of a commitment taken by RLAM through its integrated management system”, Mr. Nivaldo asserts.

This new technology finds its main advantage in that it uses recyclable abrasive materials (steel blast in this case) instead of sand: “In this way we eliminate the risk of the worker’s exposure to silica, or sand dust, and of future diseases”, explains

Antonio Mariano, security technician of the Environmental and Health Coordination Area (SMS) “Eliminating the use of sand has also a great impact on our environment, since this natural resource may be exposed to contamination during the process of blasting. In the new equipment a ring system allows the materials to be used constantly, reducing the operative costs”.

Four workers can operate simultaneously this 15 mts. long, 6 mts. wide and 5 mts. tall cabin, number that is enough to fulfill the whole refinery demands. An automatic system guarantees the workers safety enabling them to operate the machine from inside the shotblasting cabin.

The operators at Ypiranga Company, contractor that develops painting services for the refinery, and the refinery RLAM painting supervision group, received specific training by Metal Cym.

Edgar Jesús: Maintainance technician:

“I’ve been observing the process of placement and staff training. RLAM moved forward giving priority to life. It’s the recognition of people’s lives and searching for a better way of living.”

Cosme Roberto: Ypiranga contract supervisor:

“This cabin represents the efforts of RLAM to preserve our workers´ health and to avoid environmental pollution”

Noe Monteiro. Shotblasting Operator at Yipiranga Company:

“It is so different. We were freed from all contamination. Our work can be done protecting also our health.”