Ferma SA acquires blast cleaning equipment EST 15×20 – 12TR20HP


Soldini, Argentina – (January 2013) – Specializing in mining, heavy construction, building, construction, electrical infrastructure, bridges, industrial buildings with and without overhead cranes and shopping centers, the company Ferma SA (http://www.fermaargentina.com.ar), operates a modern industrial production facility equipped with CNC equipment originating in Italy and USA.

Ferma SA has a production capacity exceeding 700 TT / month and has on staff an excellent engineering department with 12 design stations SDS / 2, ISO 9001-2008.  Ferma SA is a member of AISC with several certifications recognized by the oil industry.

Recently FERMA experienced an increasing number of transactions resulting from market diversification into sectors such as mining and electricity which in addition to the traditional construction of metal buildings has led to new business opportunities in Argentina and other countries in Latin America.

Against this background Ferma SA, which already has equipment supplied by CYM in 1999, has found the need to improve and increase capacity in order to allow processing not only larger sizes but also larger quantities of parts.

Ferma SA approached Cym to develop the blast cleaning system to satisfy this new and increasing demand.

Among the more relevant features of the Cym blast cleaning equipment installed at the Ferma SA plant in Esperanza are the following:

• Maximum cross section parts 1500 mm wide by 2000 mm high with a production speed of 0.5 m to 2 m / min

• Main blasting chamber with five (5) large access doors for part handling each completely sealed to contain blasting abrasive.

• Twelve (12) TR-360 blasting turbines (each 20 HP) yield a total blasting abrasive volume of 2400 kilos per minute. This number of turbines is required for the correct distribution of blasting media on the parts to be processed resulting in optimum coverage and overall performance of the shot blasting machine.

• Dual blast chamber lining made of high grade manganese steel plates covering 100% of the main cleaning compartment with additional protection of the adjacent areas by high chrome cast steel.

• Roller conveyor with a maximum load capacity of 800 kgs per meter of distributed load.

• A tray located at the outlet of the blast cabinet allows the operator to perform a visual inspection of the cleaned parts and also remove any residual abrasive. Any shot abrasive removed from the exiting part is automatically returned to the main blasting cabinet.