The techniques we use to manufacture the media packs of our filter cartridges are unique and patented. Camfil APC® is the only company to offer HemiPleat® technology.

HemiPleat technology is, in short, the unique, patented method we use to create highly efficient pleated filter media that outlasts and outperforms competitive pleated media.

We use synthetic beads to hold the pleats of the cartridge open. Opening the pleats exposes more media to the air stream and creates a longer-lasting, higher-efficiency filter cartridge. Our techniques are not found in competitive cartridges, which are packed too tightly to properly utilize their media. Our pleating technology is a step above older pleating methods.

HemiPleat media lowers a filter’s pressure drop and facilitates a better release of dusts during pulse cleaning. Using less compressed air and lowering the energy demand of the fan motor will save you money.