Macrogas Colombia acquires plant equipment requalification of CNG cylinders, CNG, NGV, NGV


Soldini Argentina (July 2005) – The MACROGAS company which is dedicated to the conversion of vehicles from gasoline to compressed natural gas CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) and NGV (Natural Gas Vehicles), recently installed a modern facility for the periodic review of CNG cylinders in the town of Cali, Colombia.

The new business unit of Macrogas is a result of the owner’s initiative to provide this additional service to their customers.

The equipment provided by Cym Materials to Macrogas is:

• VENT GAS CHAMBER for emptying gas remaining in CNG cylinders brought in for inspection

• PRESS VERTICAL DESVALVULADO for removal of the gas valve in the GNC cylinder.

• 180 ° TILT TABLE for draining any residual oils from the cylinder along with internal washing for pollutant removal and subsequent draining. Tilt table allows for effortless handling of tubes up to 2 m in length.

•HYDRAULIC TEST EQUIPMENT.  The model PH-1 hydraulic test station places each gas cylinder under extreme pressure to test for cylinder deformation and assure the standard gas regulator valve functions properly.  Hydraulic test management software was supplied as part of the comprehensive test system.

• TILT TABLE 90 ° tilt in the MB-90 ° 1P for performing external inspection of the CNG cylinder. The table has parallel rolls for rotating the cylinder about its horizontal axis. Rotation of the cylinder is manual, table actuation is by pneumatic cylinder.

• SHOTBLASTING ECOGNC – For blast cleaning the CNG cylinders in order to remove all types of paint and rust from the cylinder surface and properly prepare the tank for painting.

\ “Because it is a critical process we trust Cym Materials for providing us with the necessary systems to equip our processing facility. Cym Materiales has shown to have a high degree of knowledge and experience in equipment design as well as technical and post-sale support \” commented Juan Diego Cardona firm partner.

Along with system commissioning employees of MACROGAS received specific training provided by the Cym Materiales SA technical staff.