Equipment - Preservation Line - CH-H

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Equipment - Preservation Line - CH-H

Cym Materiales SA manufactures complete lines for the automatic shot blasting and painting of plates with vertical continuous passage. Its unique design allows parts to be processed with high productivity and minimal operating cost. The blasting equipment is complemented with paint booths and in-line drying ovens for shop primer applications, avoiding unnecessary handling and optimizing production times and costs. The design and technology of our equipment guarantee the safety of the personnel and the care and hygiene of the facilities and the environment.  


The blasting and painting lines for vertical passage plates are made up of:

  • Cross transfer conveyor
  • Inlet roller conveyor
  • Pre-heater
  • Shot blasting equipment
  • Paint spray application booth with automatic reciprocators
  • Drying chamber
  • Slat conveyor
  • Outlet roller table
  • Cross transfer conveyor
  • Controls and instrumentation.


Features Construction

Blast Cabinet

  • Triple housing layers
    • External 1010 steel - 8 - 12 mm thick
    • Double internal liners coverage
      • 100% coverage 4 mm manganese steel (11-14%) full welded
      • Extra lining (hot area) with 8 -10 mm high CR (?64Rc). Bolt-on replaceable
  • Screw conveyor - Spiral 15b30 boron-steel
  • Wide interior access doors
  • Internal roller conveyor
  • Blower


Abrasive Recirculation System

  • Bucket elevator
  • Cast bucket – SAE 1035 steel
  • High efficiency Air flow abrasive cleaning
  • Upper Screw - Spiral 15b30 boron-steel
  • Storage hopper for good abrasive
  • Maintenance platform
  • Control valves flow
  • Automatic Abrasive Regeneration System


Blast WheelsTurbinas-Centrifugas-de-granallado

  • Located strategically with a correct distribution of the shot on the coil to be treated resulting in a better coverage and better performance of the machine
  • Direct drive - 10 Hp to 50 Hp
  • Housing manufacture in MN (11-14%) steel  Forming together with the internal liners a double resistant wear wall
  • High chrome steel Internal liners (?64Rc). Liners supported by screw with hardened cast steel head for abrasion protection
  • Positioning and fixing system for control cage, avoiding the risk of incorrect adjustment of the hot spot.
  • Close labyrinth of abrasive between engine coupling and housing with possibility to mount the turbines in any position


Dust Collector

  • Steel construction: 3.2 mm thick
  • Cartridge media cleaning: reverse Pulse jet
  • Easy replacement cartridges
  • Efficiency ? 0.5 micron / 99.9%
  • Emission < 50 mg/m3
  • 200L dust accumulation drum with lid transition to drum with sleeve filter
  • Intermediate gravitational separator located between blast cabinet and dust collector allows increasing the air flow inside the cabinet without risk of carry good abrasive to the dust collector
  • Silencer and Mineral wool cover kit to reduce noise ? 85dBA a 1.52m
  • Maintenance platform


Paint Booth

  • Cabin floors and walls covered in electrostatic film for easy cleaning.
  • Downward air circulation with double filter integrated in the cab roof.
  • Double cascade filtration (folded dry filters and Paint-stop filters (fiberglass)
  • Automatic pistol movement
  • Sensor for detection of width, length and location of the plate
  • Airless pump


Drying chamber

  • Used for
    • Evaporation of moisture located prior to entering the blasting equipment
    • Solvent curing and evaporation located downstream of the spray booth
  • Double flow of hot air
  • Air circulation range 20 ° - 60 ° C


External Conveyor

  • Parallel rollers
  • Variable lengths as required
  • Adjustable plate feed speed for different blast qualities
  • Plate loading and unloading system in horizontal position
  • Transfer and feeding equipment for loading and unloading of parts


Electric components

  • Control panel for operation control
  • Components and motors: according to customer requirement IEC, Nema, UL, etc.
  • PLC control:  Siemens
  • Emergency stop button: included
  • Wire cables to connect control panel and motors
  • Movement sensor motors
  • Cooling system (for maximal temperature: + 45 °c)
  • Soft Start motor


Technical Data -  Preservation Line - CH-H


Other Equipment Used in the Steel Industry


Shot Blasting and Painting Line CH-V

  • Specially designed to process plates
  • The blasting equipment is complemented by automatic painting booths and drying ovens for shop-primer applications.



Shot Blasting Lines PER and EST

  • They process all kinds of raw materials and welded structures including tubes, spools, plates, angle profiles, I, H, welded structures and accessories.
  • Recommended for processes that require work flexibility, they allow a quick set-up to process different sizes and types of parts.
  • According to the model, the equipment is equipped with four to sixteen blasting turbines
  • Parts can be moved with parallel roller beds or overhead conveyors

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Manual Blast Rooms

  • Flexible shot blasting process allows blasting all types of parts that, due to their size or complexity, cannot be processed in automatic shot blasting machines
  • One or more operators work inside the blast room using personal protective equipment
  • Pressure system with remote control dead man for abrasive projection
  • Rooms can be automated by adding robots or nozzle handlers, eliminating manual labor

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GPP - Portable Shot Blasting Machine

  • Portable closed-circuit equipment allows blasting steel plates, ship hull floors, floors and ceilings of oil storage tanks, etc.
  • Productions between 20 m2 and 60 m2 / hour

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Blasting and Painting Line for all types of Welded Structures

  • 3D continuous flow blasting, painting and drying facilities developed to process all types of welded structures, profiles, plates, satisfying the demands of all types of metalworking industry
  • Used in process lines that require high production, process flexibility and a wide variety of parts, they allow the application of coatings on elements of different shapes, weights and sizes.
  • Its 3D concept reduces the area occupied in the plant, averaging a space of 15m x 30m for a typical installation of two paint booths with their respective curing ovens, processing around 45 tons. steel per shift, minimizing downtime and damage to parts due to handling with minimal operating cost.



Special Projects: In case the equipment you need is not on these pages, please contact our Engineering and Sales department, so they can help you develop the best equipment that meets your needs, seeking to reduce your operating costs and increase profitability your production systems    




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