Blast wheel units

Blast wheel units

Wheel blast

Blast wheel shot blasting is the most economical method among the current cleaning techniques, as well as the one that minimizes environmental impact.

The shot blasting principle is based on the use of kinetic energy from the abrasive used when it impacts the surface of the piece, removing impurities. The performance of the equipment depends on the quality, quantity, speed and direction of the shot; these last three factors depend entirely on the correct operation of the blast wheels. The wheel is the heart of the machine, and has decisive influence on the effectiveness of the work performed, the appearance of the blasted surface, the production costs and thus the profitability of the process. Shot blasting machines can use multiple wheels located in such a way that they allow the abrasive to cover the whole surface of the items to be shot blasted. The number of wheels mounted on a machine is determined by the shape and size  if the items to be cleaned. The shot blasting power installed is usually what is required to achieve the desired surface finish in one process at an adequate speed The operation of blast wheels is similar to that of a fan or a centrifuge pump. The wheels throw the abrasive through centrifugal force in a determined direction,speed and amount. The abrasive enters the wheel through the down comer elbow or feeding bushing, from the storage hopper. The impeller provides an initial acceleration of the shot, pushing it through the opening of the control cage. Then the shot continues toward the vanes or blades. The shot is thrown by the latter, through centrifugal force, until it reaches the pieces to be treated.

Wheel blast Models

Cym Materiales has a wide range of wheel models available, which can be tailored to each customer’s specific needs. The different wheel models are the following:

  • Seven models of blasting turbines with power from 4 HP to 150 HP.
  • Abrasive flow between 40 kilos to 1500 kilos per minute.
  • Blast speeds abrasive from 50 m / sec to 110 m / sec
  • Three different models of thin, standard and wide blades
  • Control cage with shot openings of 25 °, 30 °, 40 °, 50 ° and 60 °
  • Direct drive motor to the turbine or indirect with intermediate shaft between motor and turbine
  • Blast Wheels with BI-DIRECTIONAL rotation allowing the rotation of the motor in both directions without having to make any changes to the blades.
  • Two different models of turbine wheels: monoblock wheel and steel wheels with interchangeable blades
  • Turbine housing made with manganese steel plates.
  • Internal Liners of high chrome steel with system of locks and labyrinth forming a wear-resistant double wall together with the manganese housing
  • The special cast steel in chosen grades facilitates enhanced wear and abrasive resistance resulting in extended life and attendant reduced maintenance costs.
  • Close labyrinth of abrasives between engine coupling and housing with possibility to mount the turbines in any position even in the vertical axis.
  • Positioning and fixing system for control cage, avoiding the risk of incorrect adjustment of the hot spot.




For more information please contact info@cym.com.ar or phone +54 341 4901100, and our engineering or sales departments will advise you on everything related to equipment, processes, finishes, production and automation of blasting equipment.


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