Izquierdo & Casafranca Acquires Blast Cleaning equipment for Structures of 1500 x 1500


Soldini, Argentina – (march 2010) – Izquierdo & Casafranca Construcciones Metálicas S.A (http://www.ic-cmsa.com), is a company that has been manufacturing and assembling structural steel members in various configurations for over 20 years.

I&C has asked CYM MATERIALES S.A., to make an automatic shotblasting system, that will improve the quality and finish of their material as well as increase production and lower their overall processing costs.

Putting all the experience of CYM Materiales at the service of this company, Cym visited Peru, to fully understand the requirements of I&C and gain a clear understanding of what must be accomplished to achieve the customer’s desired result. After that visit, Engineers Christian and Ivan Izquierdo, owners of I&C, were invited to visit Cym. Here in Argentina, they had the opportunity of having the Cym technical staff show first hand how equipment similar to that proposed to I&C is configured and operates.

The best option proposed by CYM to fulfill the requirements requested by I+C, was an EST 15×15 shotblast system with eight (8) 15 HP turbines to allow processing structural steel with a maximum section base of 1500 mm and a maximum height of 1500 mm. Structural profiles include welded structures, profiles, angles, U profiles, double Ts, plates, tubes, reticulated structures and others all with a conveyor speed range of the 0.5 m to1.6 m/minute. TThe setup and commissioning of

the shotblasting machinery was supervised by the Cym technical staff over a period of 5 business

days. Before handover of the shotblasting line the workers of Izquierdo & Casafranca were given a specific training course in proper operation and maintenance of the equipment by the staff of Cym Materiales S.A.