What are the Comparative Advantages and Disadvantages between Horizontal and Vertical pass plate shot blasting equipment?

What are the Comparative Advantages and Disadvantages between Horizontal and Vertical pass plate shot blasting equipment?

Cym Materiales SA manufactures complete blasting and painting lines for steel plates and strips with continuous passage, both horizontal and vertical passage, adapting to the needs of each client.   Both vertical or horizontal shot blasting machine models are designed to process sheet metal with high productivity and minimal operating cost and can be complemented with automatic painting booths and drying ovens for shop-primer applications.  


We can summarize the advantages and disadvantages of using each equipment

CH-H Horizontal Passage Shot Blasting Machine


  • Higher investment cost in case of exclusively processing plates.
  • Greater dimension of pits (Civil works)
  • The CH-H equipment allows blasting plates and different types of profiles (angle, L, H, etc.) with a maximum wing of 150mm in height (300mm in total)
  • Horizontal sheet equipment occupies more floor space than vertical passage equipment.
  • Higher operating cost than vertical (rotating brushes and blowers, higher installed power, etc)
  • Allows blasting two (2) sheets less than 1.5m wide simultaneously
  • As the sheet is treated in a horizontal position, the equipment needs to have a shot blasting system (brushes and blowers). This
  • The brush and blower system working simultaneously removes 99% of the abrasive deposited on the sheets or profiles, regardless of this it is recommended that an operator inspect and manually remove when necessary the shot that has not been removed by these systems. Or so the vertical blasting equipment that by not needing these components lowers the operating cost of operation.
  • Spherical shot should be used exclusively to facilitate cleaning of shot that remains on top of the pieces to be shot - there are limitations on the type of roughness to be achieved.
  • In-line paint system the conveyor for drying oven must be a chain of supports type "saw tooth" to avoid damaging the paint. These saw teeth can generate punctual marks where the sheet is supported.
  • These teams preferably work with spherical shot to remove shot from the upper part of the sheet.


CH-V Horizontal Passage Shot Blasting Machine


  • Lower investment cost in case of exclusively processing plates. Similar cost in case of processing plates and profiles.
  • Smaller dimension of pits (civil works).
  • The vertical passage equipment does not allow to process profiles, therefore it is necessary to have an independent equipment to process this type of pieces.
  • Vertical sheet metal equipment is more compact and simple than horizontal equipment, occupying less space on the floor.
  • Lower operating cost.
  • No more than one veneer can be processed at a time.
  • There is no possibility of abrasive accumulation on the sheets, and it is not necessary to use abrasive blowers or sweepers.
  • In vertical equipment, the support of the sheet on the vertical rollers is minimal, not generating scratches problems in the shop primer.
  • Plate passage lines in a vertical position can work indistinctly with spherical or angular shot, generating high roughness with good anchoring profile
  • Plate loading can be done in a vertical or horizontal position.



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