Abrasives - Carbon Steel Shot - Safety Data Sheet

Abrasives - Carbon Steel Shot - Safety Data Sheet

Abrasives - Carbon Steel Shot - Safety Data Sheet

Product identification

Cast Steel Shot


Manufacturing standards:

Manufactured under standards SAE J444, SAE J-827  y SAE J-1993


Chemical composition:

  • Carbono (C)               0.80 % - 1.20 %
  • Manganeso  (Mn)
    • S-110              0.35 % - 1.20 %
    • S-170              0.50 % - 1.20 %
    • S-230           0.60 % - 1.20 %
  • Silicio (Si)                   > 0.40 %
  • Fósforo (P)                 0.05 %
  • Sulfuro (S)                  0.05 %


Risk identification:


  • Related to the product: : No known risk
  • Related to the use of the product: Poisoning
  • Health risks are related to exposure to dust. Dust is generated by abrasive wear and by particles from the blasted part.
  • Fire-explosion


Steel shot does not burn or explode. A slight risk of explosion may occur due to the fine dust that can be generated with use.

The particles prone to causing fire are:

  • Metallic powder
  • Plastic powder
  • Dust produced by blasting metal parts coated with paint, rubber, grease. Etc.


Other risks

  • Abrasive projections expose the operator to possible injuries to the skin and eyes if the necessary personal protective equipment is not being used.
  • Noise
  • Falls, aggravated by the presence of abrasive on the floor
  • Risks related to handling.


First aid

  • If dust gets into the eyes:
    • Do not scrub
    • Rinse with plenty of running water
    • Consult an ophthalmologist if irritation persists.
  • The user must decide the measures to take based on the type of dust generated in the blasting process.


Fire fighting measures

  • The use of class D extinguishers or dry sand is recommended to eliminate air; water, foam or other types of liquids should not be used. Avoid the presence of fine particles near the fire.


Measures against accidental spillage

  • Spilled shot on the floor can create dangerous walking conditions. It is recommended to quickly clean the area to reduce the risk of falls


Handling and storage

  • Risk prevention for the operator:

The blasting process must be carried out in automatic cabins, with the operator in the external region. Whenever technically possible, this procedure provides greater operator safety. During blasting by compressed air, the operator must wear all personal protective equipment (cases, gloves, etc.).


  • Prevention of fire and explosion risks:

When there is a risk of fire or explosion, special precautions should be taken in the construction project and facilities. Maintenance work must follow the special procedures for each case.


  • Product handling precautions:

There is no known risk.


  • Recommendations for use:

Metallizations: blasting and metallization operations cannot be carried out in the same booth, as it increases the risk of fire.
Lighting: the lighting of the booths must be carefully studied.
To check the quality of the shot blasting, the operator must make a careful visual examination of the work performed.


  • Storage:

In a dry and moisture-free place.
No incompatible substances known
It is recommended to keep the product in its original packaging.


  • Risk control protection of personnel

Risk control:
The user must know the exact nature of the dust that has been generated in the blasting operation and must take the necessary measures to protect himself. It is essential to carry out a measurement study of chemical elements such as silicon, lead and others, as they could be subject to exposure limits and form part of the composition of the pieces. Substances subject to exposure limits contained in shot are specified in paragraph 2 of this sheet.

  • Equipment for individual protection:

During blasting by compressed air, the plant manager must provide all exposed operators with the following equipment: Helmet, protective clothing, safety footwear, ear protector and glasses.


Physico-chemical properties

  • Physical state: solid
  • Color: dark ash
  • Odor: odorless
  • Specific weight:
    • Round: 7.4
    • Angular: 7.6
  • Apparent density: 3-4 ton / m³
  • Flame point: not applicable
  • Melting point: ~ 1500 ° c
  • Solubility: insoluble in water
  • Ph: not applicable
  • Explosivity: not applicable


Stability and reactivity


  • Shot breakdown: not known
  • Storage stability: oxidation and condensation in the presence of moisture.
  • Storage time: dangerous reactions: the mixture of iron powder and aluminum powder, can lead to aluminothermic reactions.


Toxicology information

  • Known severe toxicity: none
  • Known local effects: none


Ecological information

Tests of contamination of the atmosphere by shot were carried out. Test results indicate that there are no specific toxins or contaminants.


Waste Considerations


  • Shot: Can be disposed of as non-hazardous solid waste.
  • Shot blasting residues (dust): the set of shot blasting dust and residues can contain dangerous pollutants resulting from the industrial shot blasting process (paints, grease, oils, etc.). Each user must study the problem of waste gestation, through an authorized company and dispose of it as established by law.
  • Packaging: IKK DO BRASIL ind. E com. Ltda, is fully recyclable.


Transport information

  • International regulations (related to dangerous substances): none.
  • Transport outside storage areas: with appropriate capacity.
  • Packaging:
    • Standard pallet: 000 kg
    • Drums: 800 kg.
    • Big Bags: 1000 and 2000 kg


Other informations

The information contained in this sheet is based on current knowledge. Consequently, any person or body that wishes to make a comment or criticism must inform us. On the other hand, the information contained in this document is not exhaustive. Therefore, the user has to be fully informed and apply the applicable regulations in force.


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