Equipment - AHS 4 Roll Hydraulic Plate Rolling Machine

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Equipment - AHS 4 Roll Hydraulic Plate Rolling Machine

Great Solutions For Great Challenges

The AHS is an essential machine for many industries, including aerospace, automotive and construction, and comes in a variety of different sizes to withstand different metal thickness to meet specific project requirements.

The AHS features a 4 roll design that is arranged in such a way so that the 4 rollers work in tandem to ensure the plate is rolled evenly and without distortion. This innovative design provides an even pressure distribution across the plate, ensuring consistent rolling and high-quality results.

The hydraulic system also provides precise control over the movement of the rolls, which is crucial when dealing with heavy and large plates.

Precise and Reliable for High Production Volume

As many manufacturers know, one of the most frustrating aspects of plate rolling is the skidding and slipping of materials, and with the AHS, this is eliminated.  Due to its highly engineered pinch rolling mechanism, materials are securely held in place during the process, resulting in a more precise and consistent product.

In fact, and perhaps the most impressive feature of the AHS, is its ability to achieve a full cylinder with just one pass. The lower roll allows for pre-bending and bending of material, so this saves both time and additional resources.

Paired with Akyapak’s high-technology digital display, the AHS is incredibly easy to operate and features programmable settings that allow for the precise repetition of complex bending patterns and curves, making it ideal for high-volume production runs.

Not only is the AHS reliable and cost-effective, but it also boasts impressive speed, making the rolling process more productive than ever before. And when it comes to difficult bends, the AHS makes it a breeze with its ease of use.



The AHS-RK is designed for the wind power industry to make the wind turbine assembling process more efficient and effective. Paired with Akyapak’s welding system, the AHS-RK allows for the mass production of wind turbines which increase access to renewable energy for businesses and individuals around the world.

From the tower to the nacelle, every component of a wind turbine requires precision and expertise in order to withstand the harsh conditions they face while generating electricity. With Akyapak’s 55 years of engineering and production experience, the AHS-RK bends and shapes metals needed for turbines in a way that meets these stringent standards and exceeds in optimal productivity and performance. 

Additionally, the AHS-RK is also able to reduce the amount of waste produced during the manufacturing process. With the ability to bend metals with more accuracy, less material is wasted in the creation of each component, making the business of renewable energy ever more renewable.


The AHS-T is designed for the production of fuel tanks, storage tanks, chemical tanks, water tanks and other cylindrical or conical containers and vessels. The AHS-T bends and forms metal into your desired shapes and can handle a variety of materials including stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel and titanium.

Equipped with Akyapak’s multi-radius bending technology and computer-controlled automation system, the AHS-T allows you to program the machine to produce multiple precise, sturdy and robust tanks that meet even the most strict quality standards.


The AHS-PM is designed for the oil and gas industry or other industries which require the production of long pipes with narrow diameters. In the oil and gas industry specifically, these pipes are critical for transporting crude oil and natural gas over long distances from offshore drilling sites to processing facilities on land.

In fact, they lower transportation costs and increase efficiency in pumping and transporting oil and gas. They also allow for the extraction of crude oil and natural gas from deeper reservoirs, where the pressure is higher, and is critical for offshore drilling operations.

With Akyapak’s advanced technology, the AHS-PM is able to not only produce these long pipes with precise measurements, but ensure that they are able to withstand harsh conditions and extreme pressures.


The AHS-V is a vertical plate rolling and bending machine and is designed for the shipbuilding industry to construct massive vessels such as cargo ships, tankers and offshore oil platforms where thick metal plates several feet long are needed and are challenging to bend using horizontal rolling machines.

With the AHS-V, shipbuilders are able to roll plates and create complex curves and ship hulls with minimal deformation, ultimately, producing strong and reliable vessels that meet the high standards required in the industry to withstand harsh marine environments. 

Vertical bending machines provide cost savings, versatility, accuracy, safety, and space efficiency. With these benefits, it is easy to see why the AHS-V is the go-to choice for many manufacturers, helping them streamline their operations and maximize profits.


Standard Features:

  • Cone bending device
  • Induction hardened rolls
  • Digital display for side rolls
  • Fully welded steel (St-52) construction body
  • Separate moving control panel
  • Two rolling speeds
  • Electro-hydraulic calibration
  • All rolls are mounted in roller spherical roller bearings
  • Safety equipment around the machine
  • Central rolls are driven by hydraulic motors and planetary gearboxes
  • Certified by CE, ISO9001 – 2008, TSEK and TURQUM


Optional Features:

  • Central and side supports
  • Variable speed of rotation
  • Material feeding table with various features
  • Interchangeable top roll
  • Oil cooling system
  • Driven side rolls
  • Automatic material ejection equipment
  • Automatic loading and unloading system
  • Deflection compensating system
  • Motors in variable voltage and frequency
  • CNC
  • NC

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