Blast Pot Machines

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CYM Materiales manufactures portable single chamber and double chamber compressed air sandblasting and shot blasting hoppers of different capacities, adjusting to every need and thanks to their exclusive design, they ensure high productivity with low operating cost.

CYM sandblasters have compressed air and abrasive circuits designed for work with high levels of performance and safety, allowing the projecting of different types of abrasives, both metallic (carbon steel shot or stainless steel shot) and mineral (sand, aluminum oxide, slag). , garnet, etc.) without the need to make changes to the equipment or control circuit accessories. The transport of the abrasive can be carried out in a horizontal or vertical direction by means of rubber pipes.

These characteristics make the use of these sandblasting machines ideal for open-pit work, where it is difficult to recover the projected abrasive, such as sandblasting large reinforced structures, ships, bridges, etc.


Outstanding Manufacturing Features

Tank manufacturing:

  • With ASME approved semi-elliptical top bottom, wide angle tapered bottom bottom to allow abrasive flow.
  • Angular support structure with wheels that do not support when the equipment is fixed in one position.
  • Manhole: Wide that facilitates the maintenance and replacement of the automatic loading valve
  • Pop-up automatic loading valve with large passage diameter and closure on rubber o'ring
  • Standard shot blasting hoppers are designed to work with pressures up to 7 Kg / cm2 and special equipment up to 10 Kg / cm2.


Abrasive regulating valves:

  • Manual: Suitable for all types of abrasives with manual precision adjustment and minimal abrasive wear
  • Automatic: allows the regulation of abrasive flow and closing in the same valve


Remote control valves:

  • With electric or pneumatic drives


Abrasive cut-off valves:

Different types of abrasive cutting control with manual control or with automatic or dead man's cutting system, the operator having, in the latter case, total control of the passage of the abrasive from the workplace

  • Manual control for M model
  • Double acting non-depressurizing remote control minimizes shear hose wear for the P model
  • Remote control with automatic depressurization for the D model allowing automatic abrasive recharge when working with accumulation silos
  • Remote control with dual tank depressurization cut-off system for the DD model that allows either shot blasting or blasting from the same end of the hose

On the D, DD and P models, air and abrasive cutting is done with the remote control mounted on the end of the abrasive hose close to the spray nozzle. The DD model with dual drive also allows him to perform a double selection of work by throwing only shot or only compressed air, the latter to blow or sweep the abrasive that has accumulated on the pieces after the shot blasting process.


Compressed air circuit:

  • Provided with full passage valves in 1 ¼ ”and 1 ½” pipes without seals.


Equipment Models and Capabilities:

  • CY70 - 1 outlet - 70 liters of load - 120 kg of sand / 300 kg of steel shot
  • CY150 - 1 outlet - 150 Lts of load - 240 kgs of sand / 600 Kgs of steel shot
  • CY500 - 1 outlet - 500 Lts of load - 800 kg of sand / 2000 kg of steel shot
  • CY500-2 - 2 outputs. - 500 Lts of load - 800 kg of sand / 2000 kg of steel shot



  • Wheels to move the equipment when empty
  • Lids, grids located on the top of the pressure tank for retention of coarse particles. The grate can be supplied with or without a top cover
  • Abrasive Spray Nozzles, Couplings and Hoses
  • Operator protection equipment


Special Projects: In case the equipment you need is not found on these pages, please contact our Engineering and Sales department, so that they can help them develop the best equipment that meets your needs, seeking to reduce your costs. of operation and increase the profitability of your production systems.



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