Cym Materiales Argentina and Metalcym Brazil manufactures blast rooms according to the different of work demands.

The abrasive is propelled by blasting hoppers and air compressed grit blasting or by means of static or movable centrifugal turbines, depending on the size of the room, the material to be blasted or the speed of work required.

The recovery of the abrasive inside the blasting room can be performed by any of the following methods:

* Manually, the operator sweeps the abrasive towards a pit situated at the room corner and which is connected to the dredging elevator.

* Manually with screw conveyor , the operator sweeps the abrasive to the screw situated in the room.

* Automatic by means of screws, belts or sweepers or by  neumatic abrasive recoveries

The rooms have dust filtres which generate a continous air speed that sweeps and retains the dust produced during the blasting process, allowing the operator to see clearly inside the room.