Closed-Circuit Portable Shotblasting Machines By Compressed Air

Portátil Circuito Cerrado - Aire Comprimido

Cym Materiales SA manufactures portable closed-circuit for blasting floors, vertical for blasting walls and compressed air blasting machines, according to the needs of each customer.

Portable closed-circuit compressed air blasting machines is not only economical, fast and of simple operation but also avoids environmental pollution and allows to work inside closed areas without any risks for the operators. Besides, the abrasive used is recycled which saves costs.

Portable blasting machines remove, clean and leave a rough texture at the same time.
Portable Shotblasting Machines By Closed-Circuit and Compressed Air

This unit leaves the surface clear and dry, ready to be painted, which eliminates the drying process that is required before a covering is done to the wall (as it is the case of the chemical or damp blasting deflashing or high pressure hydro washing that needs time before continuing with the next process)

The machine production ranges from 1.3 m2/hour up to 5 m2/hour per nozzle, working on any position. It is mainly used for cleaning welding or pipe joints, etc.