External and Internal Pipe Blast Equipments

External and Internal Pipe Blast Equipments

Cym Materiales Argentina and Metalcym Brazil manufactures shot blasting machines for internal and external steel pipes, Spools, Bending pipes and wind towers cover a diameter range of 6mm to more than 4000mm  according to the needs of each customer.

For external pipe blast machines, the abrasive is propelled by centrifugal turbines. The number of turbines of each machine depends on the size of the pipe to be blasted and the speed required for the process; each turbine can process more than 10 m2 per minute.

In portable closed-circuit compressed air blasting machinesfor field work the abrasive is propelled by air compressed nozzles; each of them can process up to 8 m2 per hour.

The abrasive for internal pipes of less than 600 mm (25”) of diameter is propelled by compressed air nozzles. The production varies according to the number of nozzles fixed on the frame.

For internal pipes of 600 mm (25”) to more than 3000 mm (10´’) of diameter the abrasive is propelled by blast centrifugal turbines wiith a production of more than 5 m2 per minute/per frame.

The machines are provided with accumulative cabinets, loading and unloading pipe systems, rotary system and transfer and rotary movement system.