Blasting machines for GLP. GNC Cylinders and Stationary Tanks

Blasting machines for GLP. GNC Cylinders and Stationary Tanks

Cym Materiales offers a large variety of machines for the blasting of GLP, GNC, GNV, NGV, CNG cylinders, GNP pipes, Oxygen and stationary tanks, meeting the different requirements of work.

Batch type shot blasting machines can be used for lower volume production runs such as 190 kg cylinders, small requalification industries of GNC, GNV, NGV, CNG tubes, automobile extinguishers, trucks of water or petroleum tanks.

The horizontal continuous blasting machines for cylinders were designed to blast high bulk volumes automatically.

Shot Blasting machines with continuous flow of hooks mounted to an overhead rail system cover high productions of the process. The advantage of this system is that the same overhead rail system can be used for the painting process. Consequently, unnecessary operator handling of the tanks (load/unload) between the systems is avoided.

Portable shotblasting machines for floors and vertical walls equipmentsfor the treatment of large petroleum tanks.

The machines may be used to blast new cylinders as well as to remove liquid paint before an inspection in requalification industries.

The abrasive is propelled by centrifugal turbines. The number of turbines for each machine depends on the size and number of the cylinders to be blasted and the speed required.