Periodical GNC, CNG, GNV, NGV Cylinder Revision Centers

Periodical GNC, CNG, Cylinder Revision Centers

Cym Materiales Argentina and Metalcym Brazil manufactures a full line of equipment for “Periodical Cylinder Revision Centers” to inspect GNC (Gas Natural Comprimido) CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), GNV (Gas Natural Vehicular) or NGV (Natural Gas Vehicules) cylinders. Systems are available for handling small or large production volumes. Technical advice as well as turn key plants are also available from Cym Materiales.

* Tilting table – 90°, 130° and 180°

* Cylinder press for valve removal

* Conveyor system for cylinder loading/unloading.

* Ventilation Gas Chamber

* Hydraulic Pressure Testing Machine

* Electronic Weighing machine

* Internal drying system

* Shot Blast machine

* Paint booth

Cym equipment is designed for use in the most demanding applications.

Cym systems are durable, easy to use and compact in design.