Rotary Barrel Shotblasting Machines

Rotary Barrel Shotblasting Machines

Rotary barrel shotblasting machines are used in foundry processes which require, at the same time, tumbling to further deburr the castings.

Cym Materials Argentina and Metacym Brazil manufactures two groups of shot blasting machines with rotary chamber. The first group is simple and economical in operation as the abrasive is recovered within the blasting cabinet.. The second group consists of larger machines which have abrasive recovery and cleaning systems.

Both types of rotary chamber blasting machines are easy to operate. The process starts with the loading of the parts on the chamber either manually or through an automatic material loading system.

Once the door is closed, the blasting cycle begins. The turbines and the chamber start spinning producing a continuous rotation and tumbling of the parts which ensures that all components are exposed to the blasting stream.

When the blasting process finishes, the machine stops automatically allowing the unloading of the parts to take place.