Wire Coil Shot Blasting Equipment – COIL4

Wire Coil Shot Blasting - COIL4

Wire Coil Shot Blasting Equipment – COIL4 – Second Hand

  • Wire Shot Blasting Machine COIL4
  • Manufacturing year: 1999
  • Load capacity:
    • Wire coil up to 3 Ton in Ø 5.5 mm to Ø 32 mm
    • Round, Hexagons and squares Low and high carbon steel
  • Turbine: 6 x TR 380 50 HP
  • Dust filter. Cartridges
  • Command panel
  • Condition: Excellent reconditioned
  • Cym guarantee: 6 months
  • Location: Argentina

Wire coil shot blasting equipment equipped with six turbines powered by 40 HP and 50 HP motors. This number of turbines implies correct distribution of the shot over the wire coils to be treated, which translates into better coverage and better performance of all the equipment. The Turbines move a total shot volume of 2,600 kilos of shot per minute.

The machine has two (2) loading doors for coils each with a mandrel 4 meters long. The doors open one to the left and the other to the right of the cabinet. The double rotating mandrel system allows one coil to be shot blasted and the other to be loaded and unloaded simultaneously.

The machine is equipped with a complete abrasive recovery system, including bucket elevator and dust separator with shot storage silo

Blasting cycle – Sequence of Operation

  1. At the start of a shift the door will be open with the Mandrel exposed.
  2. Operator starts dust collector and abrasive recirculation system.
  3. Operator loads the coil on to the Mandrel after ensuring that the coil is spread over all the length of the mandrel.
  4. Operator activates controls that close the door. The Mandrel enters the blast cabinet.
  5. The door is locked with safety latches.
  6. The blast wheels start and the abrasive valves open. The blasting cycle commences on a preset time basis automatically.
  7. Operator loads a coil on the Mandrel of the second door
  8. When the blasting cycle is completed, the first door is opened.
  9. The operator unloads the coil from the mandrel while the second door, preloaded with the next green rod bundle closes.
  10. The cycle can now be repeated. (from Item 4 above).

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