Repuestos y Accesorios para el Granallado y Arenado

Cym Materials Argentina and Metacym Brazil has a large stock of spare parts and accessories for air compressed and turbines blast machines

·  Centrifugal blast wheels, blades, impellers, control  cage, liners housings, etc

·  Internal  liners cabinets made of cast or laminates high resistance alloys wear

·  Internal  coverings  blast rooms rubber high wear resistance

·  Augers for moving abrasive

·  Filter elements for dust collectors (cartridges, sleeves, etc.)

·  Nozzles, nozzle fittings, hose fittings, metering valves, etc.

·  Blasting hoses, lightweight and flexible high wear resistance

·  Elements of protection of workers, helmets, filter operator, gloves, etc

·  Accessories for internal blasting of tubes