Spinner Hanger or Hook Blast Machine

Spinner Hanger or Hook Blast Machine

Cym Materials Argentina and Metacym Brazil manufactures spinning hanger shot blasting machines for batch work and continuous monorails hook blast machine for a wide industrial range of products.

Batch work shot blasting machines are very versatile since they allow processing different kinds of components, such as small and sensitive parts as well as more complex parts which may be heavy or large and therefore not suitable for tumbling in bulk loads.

The hook inside the blasting chamber passes in front of the turbines , exposing the parts to the blasting stream. The rail where the hooks are mounted may be of different design depending on the application. Besides the rail system with one hook per rail there is also the Y track system with two hooks and an oval unit with multiple hooks.

The Y track and Oval designs have an advantage over the single hook setup in that loading / unloading time is reduced. Using a system with more than one hook allows blasting a component inside the blast chamber while a second part is being loaded on a hook outside the blast cabinet.

Shot blasting machines with continuous monorail hooks allow processing a large volume of components greatly reducing the loading / unloading time as opposed to discontinuous blasting equipment with hooks.

The parts to be blasted are supported by hooks mounted to an overhead rail system and subsequently transported into the blasting chamber. The flow can be continuous or discontinuous as required by the customer.

With continuous flow shot blasting units, components later may be painted using the same transport rail system as used in the shot blasting process. In this way, unnecessary operator handling of the parts is eliminated further increasing productivity.

The abrasive is propelled by centrifugal turbines using one or multiple turbines depending on the size of the blasting machine and the components to be blasted.