Hanger Type Machines - Batch & Continuous Overhead Rail Blast Machine

Cym Materials SA manufactures spinning hanger shot blasting machines for a wide industrial range of products.



Spinner hanger are very versatile since they allow processing different kinds of components, such as small and sensitive parts as well as more complex parts which may be heavy or large and therefore not suitable for tumbling in bulk loads.


At Cym we have equipment to process different load volumes and weights, and according to the requirements of each client, we offer different loading options in batch processes (CAB) or continuous overhead rail blast machine (TUN).


CAB – The spinner hanger shot blasting machine developed for batch processes with five loading options:


  • CAB GF – Fixed Hook
  • CAB 1GM – mobile hook
  • CAB Y – Double hook
  • CAB TAM 2P – Double door
  • CAB OVAL – Multiple hooks


The last three have the advantage, compared to the first two, of having less dead time for loading and unloading parts. When more than one hook is used, it is possible to load / unload pieces on a hook while the one inside the equipment is being blasting.


TUN – The continuous overhead rail blasting  line allows the processing of large volumes of part production. The parts to be shot are placed on hooks located on the overhead conveyor with two conveyor advance options:

  • TUN – Continuous Overhead Rail blast machines
  • TUN  – Discontinuous Overhead Rail blast machines


Using continuous overhead rail blast machine allows to process parts in suspended load in line with painting processes


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Main uses and applications of Spinner Hanger Shot Blasting Machines

Tumble belt shot blasting equipment are very simple to operate and are used, among other applications, for the following processes

  • Surface preparation for paint, metal, rubber, etc.
  • Pickling of forgings or parts heat treated
  • Blasting Sanding of castings in ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
  • Deburring of metallic and non-metallic parts.
  • Elimination of oxides and scale
  • Shot Peening


Advantages in the use of Cym shot blasting machines

  • They process all kinds of parts, with high production volume and minimum operating cost.
  • Excellent homogeneity of completion in the processed parts
  • Automatic process, does not require specialized labor
  • Using continuous overhead rail blast machine allows to process parts in suspended load in line with painting processes
  • It does not contaminate the environment




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In case the equipment you need is not on these pages, please contact our Engineering and Sales department, so they can help you develop the best equipment that meets your needs, seeking to reduce your operating costs and increase profitability your production systems