Suction and Pressure Blast Cabinets

Suction and Pressure Blast Cabinets

Cym Materiales Argentina and Metalcym Brazil manufactures blast and grit cabinets by suction and pressure compressed air of different capacities, according to the needs of each customer.

These cabinets stand out due to their versatility for the blasting of any type of parts and their low investment costs.

They are ideal for:
* small productions
* industrial maintenance
* shot peenning
* micro melted parts or aluminum injection
* deburring
* mould cleaning
* darken of glass and plastic, etc.

Blast-grit cabinets release any type of mineral or vegetal abrasive indistinctly,
such as glass bead, steel shots, aluminum oxide, quartz, nut shell, etc.

According to the type of equipment and its production capacity the throwing of abrasive may be done by:

Suction nozzles, in which the compressed air sucks the abrasive and releases it through the blast nozzle.

Pressure tanks, in which the abrasive is introduced into a pressure hopper placed at the lower part of the cabinet. Once the compressed air is pressurized, the abrasive is propelled by the dosage valve, the hose and then by the blast nozzle.

Cabinets are closed. Consequently, dust pollution or contamination does not exist in this type of machines and they are rather noiseless.