Tumble Belt Shotblasting Machine

Tumble Belt Shotblasting Machine

Tumble belt shot blasting machines are the most universal among all shot blasters as their design makes them suitable for processing parts of different sizes in bulk loads.

Cym Materials Argentina and Metacym Brazil manufactures two groups of tumble belt machines. The blasting units belonging to the first group are rather small with one turbine and a shot capacity range of 20 to 60 liters while the second group has two turbines and a shot capacity from 130 to 900 liters.

These types of tumble belt shot blasting machines are very easy to operate. The process starts with the loading of the parts on the belt either manually or through an automatic loading system.

Once the door is closed the blasting cycle initiates. The wheels and the belt start spinning producing a continuous rotation of the parts ensuring that all components are exposed to the shot blasting stream for consistent cleaning.

When the blasting process finishes, the machine stops automatically allowing the unloading of the parts to take place. Then, the operator moves the belt in the reverse direction to prepare the machine for a new load.