Blast Wheel

Cym Materiales Argentina and Metalcym Brazil offers a wide range of turbine models according to the need of each customer.

Blast wheel shot blasting is the most economical method among the current cleaning techniques, as well as the one that minimizes environmental impact. The shot blasting principle is based on the use of kinetic energy from the abrasive used when it impacts the surface of the piece, removing impurities. The performance of the equipment depends on the quality, quantity, speed and direction of the shot; these last three factors depend entirely on the correct operation of the blast wheels.

The wheel is the heart of the machine, and has decisive influence on the effectiveness of the work performed, the appearance of the blasted surface, the production costs and thus the profitability of the process.

Operation Principle:turbina-de-granallado-arrojando-granalla-cym-2

The operation of blast wheels is similar to that of a fan or a centrifuge pump. The wheels throw the abrasive through centrifugal force in a determined direction,speed and amount.

The abrasive enters the wheel through the down comer elbow or feeding bushing, from the storage hopper. The impeller provides an initial acceleration of the shot, pushing it through the opening of the control cage. Then the shot continues toward the vanes or blades. The shot is thrown by the latter, through centrifugal force, until it reaches the pieces to be treated.

Wheel blast Models

The most outstanding characteristics are the following:

Turbine of 166, 250, 300, 360, 380, 500 and 600 mm of diameter.

Turbine drive

With power from 4HP up to 100 HP

Direct motor and turbine coupling or motor and turbine coupling with hose

Flows propelled between 40 kgm to 1000 kgms of metallic abrasive per minute.

Blast speed from 50 mts/seconds up to more than 110 mts/seconds.

Three  different types of width for thin, standard and thick blades.

Two different types of turbine wheels:

Monoblock wheel for TR 166, TR 250, TR 300 and TR 360 models.

Steel wheel interchangeable blades for TR 380 and TR 500 models.