Shot Blasting Machine for Wire Rod, Bar and Billets

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CYM Materiales SA manufactures blasting equipment for the mechanical descaling of wire rods by batch orm in-line process ensuring high productivity with a low operating cost and a process that does not pollute the environment.

Mechanical Descaling as a current-day manufacturing process for removing mill scale from steel rods includes processing by:  

  • Shot-blasting
    • Continuous passage shot blasting - BAR Line
    • Shot blasting of wire coils - COIL Line
  • WILCO Reverse Bending Deformation
  • Combinations of Reverse Bending and Blasting


In-line BAR Machines


In-line BAR machines are designed for descaling wire rods or bars and can process in single-strand or multi-strand at the same time with high throughput speeds (more than 250 m / min.). BAR machines also used for blasting steel billets to remove mill scale of the surface to improve the visibility prior to the crack detection process.

According to the model, the machines are equipped with between one (1) and four (4) turbines that together with abrasive concentrators ensure a correct coverage in the processed parts to cater to a varied range of operating requirements.

Blasting machine are complemented with pay-off for wire rod when the equipment is integrated with drawing lines and with external roller conveyors with automatic loading and unloading systems to process bars or billets.  


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COIL Machine

The COIL blasting machine has been designed to process wire rods of up to 3000 kilos of weight at a time ranging from 7 to 20 minutes depending on the type of steel and diameters of wire to be treated.

Two models of machines available, COIL4 and COIL5 with 4m and 5m mandrel and 6 and 8 turbines, respectively, ensure optimum coverage in the coil of processed wires.

According to customer requirements, COIL equipment can have one or two mandrel loading doors. The double door machine minimizes downtime and optimizes the process by allowing the loading of a coil while the inside of the equipment is being blasting.  


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Wilco Mechanical Descaler

Wilco system is designed to process low through high carbon rods, .218 inch (5.5mm) diameter through .500 inch (12.7mm) diameter.

Using high quality components that support years of service in wire drawing processes, significantly reducing process costs and simultaneously eliminating environmental problems associated with chemical pickling Over 50 years of development has lead to the current line of six (6) standard models of WILCO Mechanical Descaling Systems to choose from.

Wire Lab specializes in the design, engineering, and manufacture of durable, production-proven mechanical descaling systems. The current WILCO family of mechanical descalers includes the following:

  • Model 920 Air Jet Descaling System
  • Model 1030 Water Jet Descaling System
  • Model 1060 Mechanical Descaling/Precoating System
  • Model 1250 Automatic Brush Descaling System
  • Model 1750 Automatic Brush Descaling/Precoating System

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Mechanical Descaling Advantages

  • Eliminate environmental pollution problems
  • Do not need facilities for the regeneration or post treatment of waste material such as those required for the treatment of chemical effluents and toxic fumes
  • When the machine is operated properly they do not cause any health problems or damages to the plant as those caused by the steam released from the chemical descaling process
  • Lower production costs
  • Automatic shot blasting process, does not require skilled labor.




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